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As classrooms across the country begin the change to Common Core students are being engaged in the classroom and consuming educational resources outside the classroom.  PBS has been on board with the "flipped classroom" idea since the beginning and has created an enormous supply of printed, digital and video learning elements that are aligned to Common Core assignments and categorized by grade and curriculum subject.  Over 40,000 digital learning elements are available free to help students, teachers and families explore lessons and new worlds.


Tennessee PBS stations are producing digital learning objects for students and teachers that will be used across the country.  Please click the link above to enjoy one of the PARCC videos produced by WTCI.

PBS Parents

PBS Parents takes you on an adventure through the trusted, quality programming that you love for your children with the supplemental materials that make it all so much fun at home.  Enjoy online games, find recipes for tasty kitchen adventures and explore science experiments from the creators of the programming you trust with the adventure that makes learning so much fun for your children.


Games, apps, experiments and adventures await your children with the trusted PBS brand.  Children will learn alongside their favorite PBS KIDS characters, counting with Curious George and reading with Martha Speaks and more.  


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