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Membership Benefits

When you join WTCI’s Kids Club you will enjoy many exciting benefits!

With a yearly enrollment cost of $40 (and $25 for each additional child), a special child in your life can receive PBS approved books, bookmarks, pencils, a t-shirt, and the chance to explore the world beyond a screen thanks to our community Kids' Club sponsors.

Join the Fun!
Become a Member of WTCI’s Kids Club!

Support your child's favorite programs - Sesame Street, Ready, Jet, Go!, Nature Cat, Curious George, and Peg + Cat by enrolling in WTCI's Kids Club. Through your enrollment, we can continue to provide a safe, educational, and enriching television experience for the children of the Tennessee Valley.

Each Kids' Club member receives a complementary ticket to our partners around Chattanooga: The Creative Discovery Museum, The Tennessee Aquarium and IMAX Theater, Rock City, and The Chattanooga Ducks! In addition to our partner tickets, members are invited to our Kids Day at Lake Winnie on August 25th, 2019 and Family Day at WTCI on November 10th from 1pm to 4pm. WTCI Kids Club membership is good for 1 year. The Kids Club is suitable for all children ages 1 - 12.

Be sure to let us know your child's birthday & t-shirt size in the comments section when purchasing a membership.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, EMAIL or call 423.702.7819