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WTCI, the Tennessee Valley’s community PBS station, is pleased to announce that Chattanooga has been selected to host Remake Learning Days Across America (RLDAA), a coordinated celebration of inspired learning occurring synchronously across the country in May, 2019. This national initiative is presented by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and made possible through support from The Grable Foundation, Schmidt Futures, Digital Promise, and PBS.

The Public Education Foundation (PEF), the City of Chattanooga Department of Youth and Family Development (YFD), and WTCI will host a community-wide celebration of learning that will engage children, educators, and families in free events and activities. RLDAA Chattanooga’s schedule of events will include a Summer Learning Kickoff event at WTCI, STEM School Chattanooga’s annual STEM Jubilee, designated as the largest school-based STEM event in the history of the State of Tennessee, a world record record-breaking girls coding event by PEF Teacherpreneur’s Gig City Girls, events at City library’s, Volkswagen eLabs, City YFD centers, and other community partners working to positively impact education in the region.

The national initiative will include events orchestrated in Chicago, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Eastern Kentucky, North Carolina, Southwestern Pennsylvania and Chattanooga. RLDAA is based on the work of Remake Learning Days, a regional initiative that has reached hundreds of thousands of families in southwestern Pennsylvania and West Virginia since 2017.

Following the successful model of Remake Learning Days in Pennsylvania, PEF is inviting community partners to host events that provide families unique opportunities to engage in hands-on STEM activities. “Innovative work in education hinges on effective collaboration between a wide-range of stakeholders. RLDAA selecting Chattanooga as one of six host sites is truly a testament to the rich history of public/private partnerships that permeate our community,” said Dr. Dan Challener, PEF President. PEF. Working across multiple sectors, PEF will lead the effort to bring RLDAA to the greater Chattanooga community.

“PBS is America’s largest classroom and we are proud to partner with the Public Education Foundation and the City of Chattanooga to celebrate education, learning and innovation across our community,” noted Paul Grove, President and CEO of WTCI. WTCI will host a kick-off event, that will include a summer learning fair, resources from community education partners, special demonstrations, PBS KIDS activities and presentations.

The City of Chattanooga Youth and Family Development department provides events, programming and academic tutoring at 18 Youth and Family Development Centers, offering a variety of education, activities and arts opportunities. Coach Luronne Jennings, Administrator, invites artists, organizers and community education partners to work with City YFD Centers to host events, outreach, and RLDAA celebrations. "We are striving to be a place where students take what they learn in school and apply it to real life situations. Our centers are a place to explore future careers," said Jennings.

RLDAA Chattanooga will be hosted throughout the community from May 11-18 and will include a wide range of events with themes including arts, maker education, outdoor learning, STEM, and youth voice. Event hosts are invited to register at to be a part of this exciting national initiative to celebrate learning and innovation in our community. A limited number of City-sponsored event grants will be available.