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WTCI Educate [45.4] broadcasts engaging local and national content created by teachers, students and community leaders. Our content is produced in our colorful Educate studios, designed by local artist, Rondell Crier.

Families can find trusted, research-backed content, informed by standards and vetted by certified educators. 

WTCI Educate encourages students at any age to think globally, learn locally. 

Find us on broadcast channel 45.4 or on EPB 304

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WTCI EDUCATEThe Magic Words┃English Subtitles┃Roads 2 Reading

Join Ricardo Jerez, Goalkeeper for the Chattanooga Red Wolves SC and the Guatemala National Football team. He is a proud Guatemalan who loves to read. Here, he reads 'Las Palabras Magicas'. Can you guess what the magic words will be? Practice being a friend in polite Spanish with Ricardo as he reads this children's book with us.

The text and audio for these readings is made possible through the support of the Ministry of Education in Guatemala, together with the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

This segment is funded in part by the Maclellan Foundation, and produced in partnership with Chattanooga 2.0, La Paz, The Enterprise Center, Hamilton County Schools, Chattanooga Public Library and ELLA Library.  Special thanks to the Chattanooga Red Wolves SC.

Raise Your Hand with Arts-Based Collaborative at UTC

WTCI EDUCATEThe Life Cycle of A Sweet Potato | Raise Your Hand

Join Angela from the Arts-Based Collaborative @ UTC along with Tinsley and Addison as they visit Farmer Bruce at his Sweet Potato stand. There they learn ALL about what a sweet potato is and the different ways it can look. Then they are visited by The GREAT SWEET POTATO, who takes them on the long journey of growing a sweet potato. Finally we see Angela, Tinsley, and Addison growing their own sweet potatoes at home! Just like you and your family can do! 

This segment is funded in part by the Lyndhurst Foundation, and produced in partnership with UTC Wolf-Trap.

Raise Your Voice with Rhyme N Chatt

WTCI EDUCATEYoung Queen | Raise Your Voice | Raise Your Hand

Erika Martin is a Chattanooga-based author and educator. Mishy Russel is an educator and creative poet. Together, they use the power of words to weave stories and express their inner creativity. In this segment, you will hear part of Erika's book Young Queen which tells the story of how you can use everyday experiences to showcase your own royalty. Be sure to check out her companion book Young King as well. You will also hear an original poem written by Mishy, inspired by the author's message of royalty. Have you ever felt a sense of royalty? What do you think makes a Young King or Young Queen? We challenge YOU to use your words to RAISE YOUR VOICE and share your message with us at (only with parental permission). 

This segment is part of a series of pop-out Raise Your Hand segments known as Raise Your Voice. This series was created in collaboration with Chattanooga-based poetry organization Rhyme N Chatt alongside their rich network of community poets, leaders and educators. Visit to learn more.

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World on Wheels with Art 120

WTCI EDUCATEWorld On Wheels | Sudan and Ghana

As a standards-aligned digital educational series, World on Wheels (WOW) bridges humanities and the arts. Hosted by a local humanities expert and community arts leaders, the series follows a “jingle truck” around the world, featuring local artists who work to sustain their home country’s cultural heritage within our community. Students can create their own art with two “at-home-artists” segments within each episode. In between activities, state standards are used to tell the story of each culture using pop-out vocabulary. Providing teachers with tangible resources for student success is our goal, challenging students with content learned in middle grades Humanities education.

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Themed Afternoons for Teens + Young Adults on 45.4

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