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About WTCI

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The One Place That Can Take You Any Place

WTCI, the Greater Chattanooga Public Television Corporation, serves 35 counties in a four state region, providing quality, trusted local and national programming to over 440,000 households. Transmitting across a 60-mile radius, the station’s signal is carried on over 35 cable systems in the four state region, enriching lives through quality programs and services that educate, engage and inspire a lifetime of learning and exploration.


WTCI enriches lives through quality programs and services that educate, engage, and inspire a lifetime of learning and exploration.​​​​​​


WTCI PBS will build a stronger community by enriching lives through education, engagement, and inspiration as a trusted source of local storytelling. 


Trust - WTCI believes trust is the hallmark of public broadcasting and is built through balanced programming and outreach service.
Quality - WTCI believes excellence and integrity are the foundation for any program or service we offer the community.
Engagement - WTCI believes public broadcasting is a center of exploration for all ages that has the power to transform communities.
Education - WTCI believes the human desire to grow, learn and improve is fundamental and lasts a lifetime.
Uniqueness - WTCI believes creative programs and services empower people to discover their world, broaden their horizons and become active participants in shaping the future.
Inclusion - WTCI believes respect for diverse ideas and cultures is essential to building a well-informed society and strong community.
Localism - WTCI believes we are the community's storyteller, thriving on partnerships with organizations, schools, businesses and government.
Stewardship - WTCI believes our mission and vision warrant community support and financial investment.

Facts & History

  • WTCI began broadcast on March 4, 1970. On July 1, 1984 ownership of WTCI was given to the Greater Chattanooga Public Television Corporation, a not-for-profit community organization.
  • WTCI, the community PBS station, serves Southeast Tennessee, Northeast Alabama, North Georgia and the Western tip of North Carolina as a community licensed public television station, PBS affiliate.
  • WTCI transmits across a 60-mile broadcast radius. In addition, 35 cable systems in the four-state region carry the station's signal.
  • WTCI consistently provides the highest quality of educational, informative and entertaining programs without regard for commercial concerns 24 hours each day.
  • WTCI has a continuing commitment to children's programs and services that are educational, non-commercial, non-violent and promote self-esteem.
  • WTCI is an essential educational resource committed to providing a wide range of learning opportunities to all people. The station serves as a "Ready to Learn" station, providing area educators, caregivers and parents the necessary tools to teach and work with children, 0-8 years, the "view, do and read" technique. Through Ready to Learn services, WTCI provides free workshops to educators, caregivers and parents and over 5,000 of free books to children in our multi-state area.
  • WTCI, as a community licensee, must raise over half of its $2.2 million budget from the community it serves. This local fundraising is accomplished through the active participation of individual and business members, corporate underwriters, special events and the WTCI annual auctions. In addition, over 500 family members, business leaders, and area organizations serve as WTCI volunteers in such capacities as on-air talent, technical and clerical support. These volunteers and members are a vital part of WTCI's success.
  • WTCI broadcast cost is $6,264 per day.
  • WTCI is controlled by a Board of Directors consisting of community individuals.
WTCI Broadcast Coverage Map