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Community & Fundraising Events

WTCI hosts and participates in community events throughout the year as part of our mission. We welcome everyone to our community events and encourage everyone's participation. We also hosts special events throughout the year to raise funds to help support our mission of enriching lives through quality programs and services that educate, engage, and inspire a lifetime of learning and exploration. 

March 19, 2024

Join us at Chattanooga Golf & Country Club on March 19th for a creative, fun, inspirational luncheon featuring J Schwanke, author, speaker, and host of Life in Bloom on WTCI PBS! CLICK THIS LINK to get your tickets now!

February through June

Join us for our series of family & community workshops at Carver Community Center and East Chattanooga Community Center featuring shared meals, hands-on learning, books & games, and take-home activities! CLICK THIS LINK to register today.

Our Ready To Learn Initiative is focused on connecting children’s media and learning environments to build key skills for success in school and life, including functional literacy, critical thinking, and collaboration, as well as showing them career options in age-appropriate ways. The program is part of the CPB-PBS Ready To Learn Initiative, funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

April 20, 2024

Be My Neighbor Day is an all-ages community event inspired by Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood! Join us for a day of family fun and togetherness at WTCI PBS!