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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – October 4, 2019 – WTCI-PBS, the Tennessee Valley’s PBS station, is one of hundreds of television stations across the country that have changed their over-the-air broadcast frequencies as a part of the FCC-mandated Spectrum repack. As a part of this process, WTCI-PBS has just completed the installation of an all-new tower, antenna and transmitter.

Steve Gatlin, Board Chairman, says “During this transition we’ve heard from people across the region who count on WTCI-PBS for trusted programming and we’re proud to say that we are back and better than ever! I’m honored to represent a team who have worked tirelessly to ensure that our station can continue to serve the 1.4 million viewers who depend on public broadcasting to educate, engage and entertain their families.” The new tower is 440-feet tall and the transmitter is three times as efficient. Interim President/CEO Bryan Fuqua says “The new tower is taller and replaces one that was installed in 1969 plus the new transmitter is three times as efficient. This will result in a savings for our nonprofit PBS station and will provide a stronger signal for our viewers as we begin our 50th year of service to the community.”

WTCI viewers who receive their local channels using a TV antenna will need to rescan their TV set to ensure the TV recognizes the new frequency. Cable and satellite subscribers do not need to rescan. To rescan, viewers will need to find “auto tune,” “program” or “rescan” in the “setup” menu of their TV or converter box remote control. Viewers experiencing connection issues are encouraged to reposition their antenna to point toward the Falling Water area. If you live in an apartment building, nursing home, or other multi-unit facility and receive service through your building, please contact your property manager to adjust the building’s antenna. Viewers experiencing connection issues encouraged to visit for additional resources and are invited to call 423-702-7815.

WTCI, the Tennessee Valley's community PBS station, reaches a 35-county region and serves over 440,000 households with programming, events and educational outreach that educate, engage and inspire a lifetime of learning and exploration. For scheduling, programming and membership information, visit the station online at